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Screen Magnifier 3D HD Portable Mobile Stand

4.000 3.500

Screen Magnifier Screen Amplifier Smartphone Screen Magnifier 12 English Dimensions Push-pull Mobile Screen Magnifier 3D HD Portable Mobile Stand 2 To 4 Times Zoom High-definition Screen Screen Magnifier

  • Compatible with all smartphones: 3D HD video video screen expansion of the phone holder, you can enlarge the folding holder holder that is compatible with all of the smartphone
  • PHONE PROJECTOR DYNAMIC MOVIE: transparent phone stand and magnifying glass.As of mini TV, folding of the universal screen amplifier, and to image the two to four times sharper.Enlargement, bracket, video zoom, graphics zoom.Extensible
  • Easy to carry: portable amplifier and the phone screen, you can carry a brief large.Ultra-thin after folding, indoor, camping, travel, well suited to the location, such as leisure
  • Environmental Protection: high-definition power, energy-saving, can be amplified in the absence of environmental protection.To reduce the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by concentrating long period of time on a small screen.It is the perfect visual enjoyment for most of the ability to read or watch a movie that can effectively reduce the radiation
  • The perfect gift: the product of simple and stylish design is ideal for family, friends, elderly books, newspapers, movies, Christmas gifts, beloved of the couple, to read the game partners


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